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 Hand Embroidered  Albs - Surplices

Fine Linen Hand Embroidered

Embellished Albs - Surplices


Fine hand embroidered liturgical motifs  have been expertly embroidered on these vintage examples from the Black Friars - Oxford.    We have been so impressed with these examples, that we now offer our own made to order hand embroidered alb and surplice motifs.


Our professional master embroiderers are available to create hand embroidered embellishments on albs and surplices.  These unique one of a kind offerings can be created to match vestments in colorations, liturgical symbols and motifs  corresponding to church seasons, special feast days, celebrations and particular occasions.

Hand Embroidery for Albs - Surplices


We have obtained what we consider two of the best linen albs suitable for hand embroidery and embellishment.    Our alb & surplices are authentically made using the finest Belgian linen and beautifully finished for a lasting heirloom quality.


The Black Friars albs are over 100 years old and in still perfect condition.  We strive to create a similar heritage for the church using the best possible garments for this use.     


In our archival collections, we have obtained many vintage liturgical motifs that are very similar in style and nature to the Black Friar examples.   We can also create more classic themed designs accordingly . 


Please contact us if you or your church would be interested in developing a collection of hand embroidered albs.   We will provide you with drawings and work with your coloration needs by mail or email.   Once agreement has been accomplished, we will create your pattern, lay it out on the provided alb - surplice and hand embroider directly onto the linen.  



Call Us to discuss your project:  757.259.9400

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